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Brizy Pro is a WordPress builder plugin that offers a wide range of extended functionalities for users who purchase it. The plugin includes dynamic content, premium designs, custom headers and footers, third-party integration, a pop-up builder, a role manager, advanced forms, and A/B testing.

With Brizy Pro, users can easily create stunning and responsive designs for their websites without any coding knowledge. The dynamic content feature allows users to create personalized pages that change based on user behavior and preferences, which can increase engagement and conversions.

The premium designs feature offers a wide range of professionally designed templates, which users can customize to fit their needs. The custom headers and footers feature allows users to create unique headers and footers for their website, which can help to improve the overall design and user experience.

The third-party integration feature allows users to connect their website with popular marketing tools, such as Mailchimp and HubSpot, to help them streamline their marketing efforts. The pop-up builder feature allows users to create customizable pop-ups that can be used to capture leads, promote products, or provide valuable information.

The role manager feature allows users to manage user roles and permissions, which can help to ensure that the right users have access to the right features and content. The advanced forms feature allows users to create complex forms with ease, and the A/B testing feature allows users to test different designs and content to see which ones perform best.

Core Features of Brizy Pro WP Plugin

  • Dynamic Content: Brizy Pro allows users to add dynamic content to their websites, such as custom fields, post types, and taxonomies. This makes it easy to create custom templates and layouts for different content types.
  • Premium Designs: Brizy Pro includes a range of premium designs, templates, and blocks that can be used to create stunning websites in no time. These designs are created by professional designers and are fully customizable to fit any brand or style.
  • Headers and Footers: With Brizy Pro, users can create custom headers and footers for their websites, using the same intuitive drag-and-drop interface used for the rest of the site. This allows users to create unique, branded headers and footers that fit their specific needs.
  • 3rd-party Integration: Brizy Pro supports integration with a range of third-party services, including popular email marketing platforms, analytics tools, and more. This allows users to easily connect their website with other services and tools they use in their business.
  • Pop-up Builder: Brizy Pro includes a powerful pop-up builder that allows users to create custom pop-ups for their website. These pop-ups can be triggered based on user behavior, such as when a user clicks a specific button or scrolls to a certain part of the page.
  • Role Manager: With the role manager feature, users can control which users have access to which parts of the website. This allows website owners to restrict access to certain areas of the website to maintain privacy and security.
  • Advanced Forms: Brizy Pro includes advanced form functionality, allowing users to create custom forms with ease. This includes features like conditional logic, multi-step forms, and more.
  • A/B Testing: Brizy Pro includes built-in A/B testing functionality, making it easy to test different variations of a page or element to see which performs best.

What’s New (Changelog) in Brizy Pro v2.4.38

= v2.4.38 - 2024-03-26 =
* Fixed: dynamic content

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